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GRT Youtube Popup - jQuery Plugin

Simple and lightweight jQuery plugin for playing youtube embed videos in a popup.

Open Video 1 - (dark theme - autoplay enabled)
Open Video 2 - (light theme - autoplay disabled)
How to use the plugin in your website

1- Include the plugin stylesheet file grt-youtube-popup.css inside the <head> tag

<link rel="stylesheet" href="grt-youtube-popup.css">

2- Include the plugin javascript file grt-youtube-popup.js inside the <body> tag and after jquery.min.js

<script src="grt-youtube-popup.js"></script>

3- Add a custom class and insert the id of the Youtube video as a new attribute youtubeid="yPu6qV5byu4" like in the example below:

<span class="youtube-link" youtubeid="yPu6qV5byu4">Open Video</span>

4- Initialize the plugin at the end of all javascript files using your custom class (after jquery.min.js and grt-youtube-popup.js)

<script> $(".youtube-link").grtyoutube(); </script>
Advanced Options

Autoplay (enabled by default) - accepted values: true or false

<script> $(".youtube-link").grtyoutube({ autoPlay:false }); </script>

Theme (dark theme is set by default) - accepted values: "dark" or "light"

<script> $(".youtube-link").grtyoutube({ theme:"light" }); </script>